Hatfield 2015

Very much looking forward to exhibiting at Hatfield at the start of next month. Lots to be done in the next few weeks, pots to be made, a kiln to fire and lots more!! Hopefully see a few of you there! Check out the website for more details: www.artinclay.co.uk 


It is a poor workman who blames his tools.

Whatever the opposite to the above quote is, I am most definitely experiencing it. As I mentioned before, over the half term break my dad built me a momentum wheel and this paired with a brand new adjustable faceting tool means that I am properly back in the potting groove. The wheel is an absolute joy to throw on and I seem to have made more in the last week or so than the last few months. The weight on the fly wheel is perfect, so it maintains momentum well when throwing but is also easy to stop and turn slower to facet the pot. I recorded a quick time-lapse on my phone of me throwing a baking dish, the quality is pretty poor, but it shows the wheel in use…

Most of the pots I have been making are much the same, however I feel that they are more refined and better potted. I have been throwing in a range of different clay bodies (pure and mixed), this is because I have don’t know how any of them will fire – so I thought it would be good to experiment a little.

I have also been having a play with some textured wooden stamps and paddles, I really like the subtle marks they leave on the pots. I am not sure where these pots will go, and whether the stamps will feature regularly in my making practice, but I thought it would be a good idea to see a few of the ideas through to the end. Here are a few…

Farewell Wobage, Hello Mayfield.

This post has been a few months in the coming, each time I have sat down to write it, something seems to pop up, I get distracted and it never happens! But here goes, lets hope this one makes it to the end…

At the end of August, after two years at Wobage, I packed up my stuff and made the move down south to a new start. I found it incredibly difficult to leave Wobage, I learnt so much and everyone was so generous with their time, help and encouragement – there were multiple times that I doubted that I was doing the right thing in moving away. It felt like my time at Wobage flew by and  I can’t thank Jeremy enough for putting up with me and teaching me so much (shruti and sourdough lessons and all!!).

The new start was to be that as Artist-in-Resdience at St Leonards-Mayfield School in East Sussex. The school is renowned for its ceramics and the department would put many degree courses to shame – the quality of the girl’s work is outstanding and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t felt daunted entering into the department. As part of my role as Artist-in-Residence I teach 2 afternoon pottery classes and 1 evening class but most of my time is for myself, allowing me plenty of time to develop my own practice! I am working in a porta-cabin, which cosily doubles up as the teaching space for the pottery classes – when I arrived it was an empty shell and I fitted it out with shelves and a wedge bench, it’s taken a while but the space seems to be working well now.  And I am very proud to say that the hut has just been completed with a continental momentum kick wheel (built by my dad), but more on that another time!!

The first half term ended before it felt like it had started, life is busy at school but I am loving it, feeling settled and the pots are starting to flow!! Looking forward to firing up the wood kiln in the next few weeks!

In the mean time here are a few shots of the hut…

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Oxford Ceramics Fair

I feel very privileged to have been selected to show my work on the CPA Associate Members stand at the Oxford Ceramics Fair on the 25th & 26th October. With more than 60 of the UK’s potters exhibiting it will be well worth a visit, for more information check out the flyer below.



Enclosed Jars

Recently I have been experimenting with throwing and manipulating enclosed forms. I have particularly taken to making jars based on a ‘box’ demo I saw over the summer by Steve Parry – it’s a simple way to make the body, gallery, flange and lid in one go. Check out the video to see the making process….

I have been experimenting with scale and the relation of the lid to the body. Although I have enjoyed throwing some larger lumps of porcelain, I feel, on a whole, that the larger forms are generally weaker and need work. One of my most successful jars was the first one I threw – it seems to have captured a freshness and the balance of the form works really well. I am now wadding up, preparing of an impending monday firing, but hope to return a few of these ideas in the near future!

Finished Jars. 2nd from the left is the 1st Jar I made.

Finished Jars. 2nd from the left is the 1st Jar I made.